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Energy Star Homes

Energy Saving Tips

  1. Turn your thermostat down during the winter and use a programmable thermostat.  
  2. Lower your hot water temperature to between 110 and 120 degrees F.  
  3. Fix leaky faucets and toilets and make sure they're fully turned off.  
  4. Use quality low-flow showerheads that allow a maximum of 1-2 GPM.  
  5. Wash clothes in cold water and hang-dry clothes instead of using an electric dryer.  
  6. Get a Home Energy Audit that includes a blower door test performed on your home.
Seal the air leaks that are found and add insulation where recommended.
  7. Install storm windows and doors, or use plastic film window kits to create the necessary insulating air space.  
  8. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in high use areas. Turn off incandescent lights when you leave a room, including CFL light bulbs if you will be gone at least 20 minutes.  
  9. Eliminate “phantom electric loads”, particularly when you will be gone for a long period.  
  10. Examine your major appliances. If your refrigerator, freezer, heater, air conditioner, or other major appliances are more than 10 years old, replace them with new Energy Star appliances.  
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